Our menu

Healthy food

Healthy eating is one of the main hallmarks of CEI El Jarama. We are aware of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, and that’s why we work, care, and take responsibility to ensure it.

All meals at CEI El Jarama are supervised and designed by a team of nutritionists, taking into account multiple aspects.

Own kitchen

From the beginning, we were clear that if we wanted to offer quality food, the kitchen should be ours (we avoid caterings and trips with prepared food).

We have a quality industrial kitchen, renovated in 2016 to offer the best that our chefs are capable of imagining. “Food safety and quality”

In 2016 we incorporated the “COLD ROOM”, which guarantees the cold chain of raw materials is not broken: from refrigerated transport it goes to the cold room (at 12 constant degrees) and from there, it goes to the refrigerators and freezers without having to be discharged at room temperature at any time.

Dining halls

We have two independent dining rooms with a total area of 180 m2 between the two.

We comply with the sanitary hygienic standards required by the Health Area of the Community of Madrid and its and the respective periodic controls for school canteens.
We are, in turn, advised 365 days a year by an accredited company in supervision and advice of public canteens.


We prepare a balanced diet, starting from a base of fruit and vegetables, supported by vegetables and cereals to then, as recommended by the food pyramid of the Ministry of Health, combine them with meat (we usually offer poultry), fish and vegetables.

There is an alternative menu in the case of special diets, allergies, food intolerance, celiac disease, etc.

Our cooks

We have a professional kitchen team, applauded by children, parents and teachers.

With an average of 15 years of professional connection with the Educational Group El Jarama, our cooks Mariana, Miriam, Iulia, Marielena, Jeaqueline, Paola and Gustavo are the soul of the farm. They pamper our stomachs and take care of our health.

Like the rest of the team, they believe in continuous training: annual refresher courses in food allergies and food handling, specific cooking courses – the latest in Japanese food. Bon Appetite!